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August 26th 2010: TRANSPORTDOCUMENT is available as draft

We oftentimes receive inquiries regarding a document from the transportation range. Most concern an electronic copy of a delivery note, an electronic load list and a shipment-order. We decided to provide a draft for these documents. Here cordial thanks go to the company WERU for the support with the production of a first version.

April 7th 2010: Survey on the usage of openTRANS

There is a new survey on our website which is about the usage of the transaction standard openTRANS. The survey addresses companies of all sectors, consultants and service providers as well as organisations which use e-business standards or are interested in e-business standards. The survey is arranged by the Fraunhofer IAO, Competence Center Electronic Business, Stuttgart. You can find the survey on

Oct. 2nd 2009: Final version of openTRANS 2.1 now available for download

After publication of the draft version in July, we published the final version today. We had three months of public review again and want to thank all contributors and experts who supported us during the development!

July 1st, 2009: openTRANS update - openTRANS 2.1fd is now ready for download

First of all: The feedback for the new standard is overwhelming and very positive and we really appreciate this and are happy about this success! Since publication of version 2.0 in october last year we recieved a lot of feedback about smaller mistakes in the documentation and smaller improvements in the standard. We have done our homework and now present to you the final draft update to openTRANS 2.1fd. This is a smaller update mainly to solve some issues in the documentation. We have we done?

Oct. 22nd, 2008: sustainable E-Business with openTRANS© 2.0

The time has come. After extensive check of the draft-version of openTRANS© 2.0 by public contributors and projectpartners, the final version of the standard was published today.

28. August 2008: E-Commerce-Standard »openTRANS® V2.0« im Test


Today purchasers and suppliers transact their business via the internet. The interchange of business-documents needs to be automated and the data needs to be in one interchangable language. The basis for such a E-Commerce-Esperanto is a transaction-standard like openTRANS.

July 2008: openTRANS 2 just before public-review

March 2008: Usersurvey and openTRANS-Panel in Stuttgart

Fraunhofer IAO carried out the openTRANS-panel on February 26th, 2008 with circa 60 attendees. The panel provided information to the actual usage and developments in the area of openTRANS. Further discussion were about the improvement of the standard through the implementation of version 2.0. We kept the results to push the ideas into the development of the new version. At the same time the panel was a long requested platform to bring various users of the standard together and to discuss softwaresolutions and services on the basis of openTRANS.

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